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Simple and quick example auditing on insert, tested on Oracle
The context: I have some batch jobs and ETL application cannot insert data on a table. Programmers get Oracle errors such ORA-01722 but unfortunally cannot print out the wrong sql statements and so they have problem debugging. Programmers asked for DBA help.
Among various Oracle tools, I pick up auditing tecnique. Auditing can be traced on files (OS) or on tables (DB, DB_EXTENDED).
In this case I choose on tables.
First, I make sure the Oracle initialisation parameters are properly setted, if not, I need to modify the parameter file and restart the db, in fact these parameter are not dynamic.

I log as dba and establish audit on any unsuccessfull insert over table TEST.t1:

audit insert on test.t1 by access whenever not successful;

I use the clause access instead of session/font>, I want intercept any single statement on the table, and whenever not successful is precisely what I am looking for.

Now that's all set, I try this basic test.
Schema TEST got this simple table t1(n number,d date);
Logged as TEST I execute the following insert statements:

insert into t1 values(90,sysdate);
insert into t1 values('aaa',sysdate);
insert into t1 values(110,sysdate);
insert into t1 values(110,to_date('2006-23-01','yyyy-mm-dd'));

Lines 2 and 4 are obiously not correct (string instead a number, incorrect month).
Logged as dba, I do aspect to find these incorrect statements on AUD$ table and in the dba_audit_trail view.
So I run a query like this:

select timestamp, userhost, terminal,owner,obj_name,action_name,returncode,sql_text from dba_audit_trail;

04/01/2007 23.12.08 MAGNAWORKGROUP\2M 2M TEST T1 INSERT 1722 insert into t1 values('aaa',sysdate)
04/01/2007 23.14.57 MAGNAWORKGROUP\2M 2M TEST T1 INSERT 1843 insert into t1 values(110,to_date('2006-23-01','yyyy-mm-dd'))

So it works as expected and I am ready for the serious work: incorrect insert actions have been recorded on the audit table.

When I am over with audititing, I disable the audit:

noaudit insert on test.t1;

I disable the init parameters. To delete the sys.Aud$ table records, just delete them.

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Anger is creative, depression is useless.
Dyson, Freeman J.

Anger is creative, depression is useless.
Dyson, Freeman J.

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