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A User Agent, like a web browser, uses HTTP to request a HTML document

In programming the danger of exploring the small details of coding is that you get obsessed with every line of code you write, thereby greatly reducing productivity.
In general, is not worth obsessing over code.
On the other hand you should code with deliberation and intent. Steven Feurstein Oracle Magazine July /August 2004

A User Agent, like a web browser, uses HTTP to request a HTML document


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Ways to check if you are connected to a master or replica.

Use pg_is_in_recovery(); it returns true if replica.

On Master:
products=# SELECT pg_is_in_recovery(); pg_is_in_recovery ------------------- f (1 row)
On Replica:
products=# SELECT pg_is_in_recovery(); pg_is_in_recovery ------------------- t (1 row)
You can also query the Master view pg_stat_replication providing information and replica mode of connected slaves (potential,sync). On Master:
products=# select application_name, client_addr, sync_state from pg_stat_replication; application_name | client_addr | sync_state ------------------+----------------+------------ products3 | | potential products2 | | sync (3 rows)

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Anger is creative, depression is useless.
Dyson, Freeman J.

Anger is creative, depression is useless.
Dyson, Freeman J.

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