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A User Agent, like a web browser, uses HTTP to request a HTML document

In programming the danger of exploring the small details of coding is that you get obsessed with every line of code you write, thereby greatly reducing productivity.
In general, is not worth obsessing over code.
On the other hand you should code with deliberation and intent. Steven Feurstein Oracle Magazine July /August 2004

A User Agent, like a web browser, uses HTTP to request a HTML document


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This basic shell script read all first words (but not lines beginning with #) on each line of a file, like, for examples, db name listed on oratab. for each word (in my example db) an action can be issued.

If oratab is the input file:
# "N", be brought up at system boot time.
# Multiple entries with the same $ORACLE_SID are not allowed.

The shell will extract the db names:
## mm 2006-09-11 testend on HP-UX, SunOS

#some basic controls
if [ $# -ne 1 ]
echo "Usage : $0 file"
echo "Example : $0 /etc/oratab"
exit 1
if [ -f $1 ]
vlist=`grep -v \# $1 | cut -f1-1 -d:` # grep list
echo "ERROR: cannot get file $1"
exit 1
for velement in ${vlist}
echo ${velement}
#action assuming sysdba os authentication

export ORACLE_SID=${velement}
sqlplus -s /nolog<<eofs
spool ${velement}.LOG
conn sys as sysdba
alter database backup controlfile to trace;

To run the script:

$ t.ksh /etc/oratab

# SunOS
$ bash t.ksh /var/opt/oracle/oratab



Database altered.


Database altered.

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Anger is creative, depression is useless.
Dyson, Freeman J.

Anger is creative, depression is useless.
Dyson, Freeman J.

Unix... Info: ps

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